Wellbeing Challenge App

The WELL 1-2-1 wellbeing challenge app offers a unique participant experience by connecting to a health coach. It also offers a vast amount of challenge topics to choose from.

Tracking challenge activity

Challenges can monitor a wide variety of data each day offering endless options to participants. Options include:: Hydration, Nutrition, Activity, Sleep, Indulgences, Weight, Health metrics e.g. blood pressure and Supplements. These topics can be split further into many subcategories – for example the category of “activity” can be split into sub categories such as “bike” or “run”  and many more.

Well 1-2-1 synchronises with Apple Health,wearable technology such as Fitbit and Garmin and over 100 more. Running and cycling applications such as Strava, Runkeeper and Daily Mile and many more ! Data is automatically uploaded from your wearable technology and fitness / health applications

Challenge Notifications

Weekly updates, top tips and announcements.

Challenge Information

4 week programmes, fact sheets, podcasts and videos.

Connect With other Participants

Post questions / replies to a community. Learn of other users experiences, tips and tricks that helped them to live a healthier lifestyle. The community was designed to connect other Well 1-2-1 users together in the pre-tense that communities work well together in the real world so why not join a community and work together to achieve your goal

Connect With a Coach

Connect directly to a health coach. Health coaches can confidentially review and analyse health tracking data. Using the chat functionality they can provide feedback and use appropriate coaching methods to support lifestyle changes

View Challenge Results

Live challenge leader board.