Gain a competitive advantage..improve staff wellbeing!
Online personal challenges…

Personal challenges – make a pledge programme.

The pledge programme works on the principle of self-care, harnessing the power we all hold as individuals to influence our level of wellbeing. The programme is a simple,but highly effective way to engage staff in a personalised wellbeing programme – anywhere, anytime. The programme asks participants to make a pledge to improve their mental health and then tracks their success.

How does it work?

Launch – The programme starts with a launch communication and is supported by a weekly bulletins to engage staff. We provide a 4 week set of announcement materials

Well 1-2-1 app download – Participants who opt in are invited to download our health tracking app to write their pledge and track areas of their wellbeing that they feel will improve their mental wellbeing – e.g. relaxation, yoga, sleep, exercise, switching off. We provide a link to the app specific to your organisation.

Coach support – If participants choose, they can connect to an online health coach who provide guidance, information and the occasional nudge to kick start and motivate participants. Coaches can link people to existing resources if required e.g EAP. We provide an online health coaching team over the 4 weeks.

Corporate reports – Reports are produced to map engagement and pledge activity. We provide an anonymised report on health activity. This is not a therapy programme and will not provide counselling or psychotherapy, it is a personal wellbeing programme. It will however promote support options if available

The unique differentiator

Our employees are our biggest differentiator in an ever competitive world therefore it’s absolutely vital that the health and well-being, the body and the mind, is addressed and looked after within your company and it must be at the core of the values of the company.

It’s the small subtle things that can make the big difference to help how our people feel valued, and when our people feel valued then they are feeling far more engaged with you as a business.

In order to tackle these healthy practices within your company, it is vitally important that you invest in a health and well-being strategy and that this strategy is at the core of your values. .