We have a long history of providing workplace wellbeing solutions

History in providing wellbeing solutions

About Wellbeing4business Ltd

Wellbeing4business has over 25 years experience in designing and implementing some of the largest and most successful Occupational health and wellbeing programmes in the UK and Ireland. Our occupational health audits and wellbeing consultancy  expertise enables us to specialise in reducing absence, stress management and improving occupational health services.

How we started

Wellbeing4business Ltd developed the first challenge with M&S across its 60,000 staff using an excel spreadsheet. Having learnt from this experience in 2012 we developed a web based platform called Healthyteams (later to be called Wellbeing Challenges). We tested the concept on numerous organisations including Liverpool University and Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Foundation NHS Trust.

We have now moved onto a new and exciting phase using WELL 1-2-1

Initial success

The challenges gained lots of publicity and were featured in Personnel Today in 2013. A brief passage from the article is detailed below:

Forty stone in four weeks Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Foundation NHS Trust ran the “Weight Loss” challenge in the summer of 2012 and, over the four-week period, lost nearly  55 Stone (352kg) overall, with the top team losing 3.58 stone (22.78kg) in total. 

Jenny Williams, head of HR business services for the trust, thinks the reason the weight loss challenge was so successful for her business was because it was so easy to implement – and it did not feel daunting to those who wanted to take part. “It wasn’t about some massive and strict programme over a long period of time,” she says. “What made it hugely appealing was the fact that it was for just four weeks. And it wasn’t about seriously changing lifestyle. It focused on thinking about how we live and how that affects our wellbeing.

Big wins

One of our most successful challenges was with National Grid:

  • National Grid built a bespoke challenge to raise money for charity
  • The organisation donated £1 per lb lost. A grand total of £4300 was donated.
  • 226 teams, 1130 participants
  • Average dropout rate 14%
  • Total weight loss 1997.93 Kgs , 313 st 13lbs
  • The bespoke site can be seen at pound4lb.com and includes participant testimonials

During the past 5 years we have delivered challenges to a large number of organisations including MBDA, Southern Housing Association, Unilever, Compass Group and M&S.

Our Timeline

Build 1st Wellbeing challenges launched..

Launched set of challenges for M&S.

Supported National Grid to lose 316 stone and raise money for charity

Helped more businesses to run successful challenges

Conducted effectiveness review

Amazing results

Improved participant information

Launched the app

Built more challenges and added coaching