Setting up your WELL 121 trackers

  • Your daily trackers should reflect your goals. To set your trackers click on the Log function (bottom left). Then choose Options (top right).
  • Select from the list what you wish to track. Think about any goals you may have and select the relevant trackers. We have listed a few examples below
Hydration Choose water if you want to capture how many times you drink a glass of water. Choose coffee etc if you want to record how much your drinking daily and have a goal of reducing caffeine etc
Nutrition if your goal is to have 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day click fruit and veggies. You can use the app to count your daily servings. Starches are essentially carbohydrates., so lick his if you want to record the amount of carb servings you have daily.
Activity If you have connected to an app it will bring across steps and activity. If you click on run or weights on this tracker function it will simply record your score daily in minutes, miles etc
Sleep You can enter your daily hours of sleep by clicking sleep tracking
Indulgences These are the un healthy aspects that you may wish to reduce – eg if you eat too much chocolate click on sweets – you can record how many portions of chocolate you have each day
Weight Choose weight to track your weight. You can also track % body fat if you wish. We suggest that you track these figures weekly. You may also want to click on activity, and indulgences.
Other goals If these is anything else that you want to track let your coach know and they can set up custom trackers

Tracking your daily activity

By tracking your daily rituals you can take small steps each day and achieve your goal. In improving your wellbeing these small steps are essential