Our process is rewarding, success driven, engaging and simple to administer.

We expect between 40 and 60% of staff to be involved

And 64% will complete the challenge and improve their wellbeing.

Challenge set up and promotion

Step 1 – Discuss your ideas

Challenge consultants will discuss your ideas. The topic, the schedule, the prizes and duration.

Step 2 – Marketing the challenge

We will provide basic design templates for you to market the challenge and support you with material.

Step 3 – Launch

The challenge will start on a set date and last 28 days. A registration period (usually 7 days) will be required to launch the challenge prior to the start date.

Step 4 – Go go go

Once the challenge is running we will keep in touch to ensure that the challenge runs smoothly.

Using the app enables us to offer coaching to participants

Participants are twice as likely to improve if they have a coach, buddy or part of a team..

Participant engagement

Step 1 – Participants are invited to download the app

If participants choose to allow notifications, our coaches can then keep in contact with them with updates, top tips and announcements.

Step 2 – Connect With other Participants

Post questions / replies to a community. Learn of other users experiences, tips and tricks that helped them to live a healthier lifestyle. The community was designed to connect other Well 1-2-1 users together in the pre-tense that communities work well together in the real world so why not join a community and work together to achieve your goal

Step 3 -Connect With a Coach

Connect directly to a health coach. Health coaches can confidentially review and analyse health tracking data. Using the chat functionality they can provide feedback and use appropriate coaching methods to support lifestyle changes

Step 4 – Set your activity tracker

Ensure that your WELL121 app is set up to track areas covered in the challenge and synchronise with other apps.