Get Active Challenge

Get Active Physical Activity Challenge

Benefits of physical activity

Physical activity is an underrated ‘wonder drug’ and that everyone living with or supporting someone with cancer, and other long-term conditions, should be aware of its benefits. An active lifestyle helps overcome fatigue, anxiety and depression, while protecting the heart, lungs and bones. In some cases, being physically active has been shown to slow disease progression, improve survival and reduce the chance of recurrence.

The get active physical activity challenge

This get active physical activity challenge aims to motivate participants to include more exercise each day. The human body is designed to move and there is no doubt that moving more and sitting less is good for your overall health; increases happiness, self esteem, fitness levels and reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, osteoporosis and cancer.

Everything counts (e.g. brisk walking, fast housework, active gardening, jogging, bicycling) so long you do it for at least 10 minutes and that you feel warmer and breath faster. For example, a 10 minute walks to and from the station each work day and 10 minutes walk at lunch would all count as activity minutes. You can include sport, swimming, rowing, cycling, gardening and dog walking.

Each area is tracked on the WELL121 App daily. Both synced data from other apps, and data manually input on the Log. Coaches provide tips and guidance.