Financial Wellbeing Challenge

The financial wellbeing challenge

Unfortunately, many people think of budgeting as depriving themselves and they avoid it like they do a diet. Budgeting is a proactive approach, rather than a reactive approach, to managing your money. This challenge will help individuals to budget better.

How does it work

The challenge is to accumulate “weekly budget points” over 4 weeks. Each week, participants collect one ‘budget point’ for each habit followed. “Bonus points” are scored for completing major tasks such as completing a budget planner.

The challenge is linked to the advice and support offered from the Money Advisory Service and Company Debt 

Participant support

This challenge does not provide an Information Pack and Activity Plan to all participants. The advoce given by the Money Advisory Service is comprehensive and we see no need to duplicate it.

There are also a wide variety of apps available in the marketplace to help participants. We do not wish to replicate these apps -as our challenge programme is based on behaviour change not providing endless content.


Superb resource written for new graduates but is useful for anyone.


Superb resource written for businesses.


Complete the budget planner online each week.


See lots of useful information at Citizens advice

Tracking daily activity

Participants can monitor a wide variety of data each day offering endless options to participants.The core programme is monitored through the WELL Score.

Well 1-2-1 synchronises with Apple Health,wearable technology such as Fitbit and Garmin and over 100 more. Running and cycling applications such as Strava, Runkeeper and Daily Mile and many more ! Data is automatically uploaded from your wearable technology and fitness / health applications