You can do anything for a month, right?

Take on one of our virtual challenges!

We design bespoke challenges to help your employees to improve their wellbeing whilst respecting social distancing.

All challenges are designed & supported by coaches.

We Have Been Challenging Employees For Over 10 Years...

It's amazing what can be achieved when people are challenged & supported in a way that is right for them.

Challenging Your Organisation Has Significant Benefits

  • Improved health & wellbeing
  • Meet HR & occupational health targets
  • Motivated colleagues
  • Morale boost
  • A connected workforce, working towards a common goal
  • Improved engagement at work
  • The introduction of friendly competition
  • Remote solution – engage anyone, anytime, anywhere

Why Businesses Choose Wellbeing4business Ltd

  • We have a track record spanning 15 years
  • We identify organisational health risks to provide a smart solution
  • We design bespoke wellbeing challenges
  • We offer flexibility
  • FREE access to our Well 1-2-1 challenge tracking app
  • All challenges are designed & supported by a coach


One Platform For Everyone

We wanted to make it as simple as possible for each individual person to sign up and complete their challenge.

All challenges are run using the FREE Well 1-2-1 app, available on IOS or Android.

The Well 1-2-1 app lets individuals track elements of their wellbeing relevant to the challenge and view behavioural trends. Connect with a coach, post in a social group to encourage each other and join a leaderboard.

Choose Your challenge

Special Offer

HR BOOST Energy Challenge

Motivate your HR team to stay healthy & happy

For Hr professionals across the UK the demand on mind and body has never been higher and we cannot reach this demand without energy. Yet, around 75% of people wake up feeling exhausted each day. We wanted to design a challenge that helps Hr professionals optimise their energy levels.

Complete 5 energy boosting habits each day to optimise the energy levels of your HR team.

Register up to 10 of your HR team for FREE 


Past examples of bespoke challenges

Choose Your Level Of Customisation

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Add Extras

Support your challenge by providing additional wellbeing solutions

Health & lifestyle checks

‘Know your numbers’ sessions help staff to identify their personal health risks and lifestyle strengths/weaknesses. All sessions provide individuals with a personal health and lifestyle report.

Organisational Wellbeing Survey

Take a snapshot of your organisation’s current wellbeing. Knowing key health risks and lifestyle behaviours helps plan programmes and review change.

MHFA - Mental Health First Aid

Two day adult course available. Educating people about mental health helps to open up conversations, breaks down stigma and encourages mental health resilience.