Times are tough at the moment. Your wellbeing & the wellbeing of your workforce is our priority.

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Bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Challenge’s Supported By A Coach.

JOIN the 30:30 National Activity Challenge.

Be part of something bigger

Start date: 01/07/2020

Join businesses across the UK in becoming more active.

COVID-19 Challenge Package

Remote wellbeing programmes designed to support employee’s on lockdown and on return to work.

The two month package combines a company wide challenge followed by a personal challenge.

We have been challenging people for years…

It’s amazing what can be achieved when people are challenged & supported in a way that is right for them.

Challenging Your Organisation Has Significant Benefits

  • Improved health & wellbeing
  • Meet HR & occupational health targets
  • Motivated colleagues
  • Morale boost
  • A connected workforce, working towards a common goal
  • Improved engagement at work
  • The introduction of friendly competition
  • Remote solution – engage anyone, anytime, anywhere

Why Business’s Choose Wellbeing4business Ltd

  • We have a track record spanning 15 years
  • We identify organisational health risks to provide a smart solution
  • We design bespoke campaigns
  • We offer flexibility. Pick your challenge, start date & duration
  • FREE access to our Well 1-2-1 health tracking app
  • All challenges are supported by a coach

One Platform For Everyone

We wanted to make it as simple as possible for each individual person to sign up and complete their challenge.

Download the Well 1-2-1 app on IOS or Android, enter the custom invite ID and your ready to go.

The Well 1-2-1 app, let’s individuals track elements of their wellbeing that are relevant to the challenge, view trends in their healthy behaviours, connect with a coach, post in a social group to encourage each other and join a leaderboard.

Our challenges

National - Flexible - Bespoke

Special Offers

Get your first 100 employee’s free if you book before 01/07/2020

COVID-19 Challenge Package

Two month challenge package designed to engage anyone, anywhere at anytime, making it easy for both on-site and remote workers to improve physical and mental health.

Month 1 – Work together towards a common goal with a company wide wellbeing challenge ‘Well at home’

Month 2 – Each employee is given the chance to improve an aspect of wellbeing that is important to them ‘personal pledge’


Ready to Step Up Your
Workplace Wellbeing Program?

Each year, thousands of employees around the UK challenge themselves to make simple changes to their lifestyle.


National Wellbeing Challenges

Be part of something bigger, join organisations across the UK, work together to improve one key aspect of wellbeing.

  • Quick & easy set-up.
  • Fixed dates
  • Option to raise money for charity.

Take a look at our next National challenge “30:30” starting on 01/07/2020

Flexible Wellbeing Challenges

Choose a challenge from our hand-picked list of challenges, choose your start date and customise communication materials by using your organisations colours.

Special offer: -10% on selected additional services 

Bespoke Wellbeing Challenges

Create the challenge of your dreams. Choose the challenge criteria, name, personalise the branding and add group coaching. Bring your challenge to life by adding other services such as a health risk assessment, health checks and more to create a challenge campaign that everyone can get involved in.

What is a wellbeing challenge?
Who is it for?

Wellbeing challenges are a great way to get the whole company working together to improve wellbeing. We have seen some remarkable results; National Grid lost over 300 stone in 4 weeks and Heathrow Business Centre walked halfway around the world.

We simply challenge people to take small steps to improve the way they feel on a day to day basis.

Large organisations

Create change across multiple locations or countries. Wellbeing challenges are an ideal way to bring your wellbeing strategy to life and engage employee’s in a fun and highly effective way.

Organisations we have worked with include Unilever, Marks & Spencers and Westinghouse.


Enjoy a low-cost, fun way to engage staff, create a change to a culture that promotes good health & wellbeing. These challenges are ideal for small to medium sized businesses as they are easy to run and build great teamwork and morale.

Organisations we have worked with include Heathrow business centre.



Motivate your teaching and non-teaching staff to improve their wellbeing. Our challenges require little setup and does not require any time out of the classroom.

Organisations we have worked with include Bishop Rawstorne Academy



Develop a fun and engaging fundraising event that not only helps your charity but gives something back to your supporters.

Organisations include Lancashire Mind.

About us

Wellbeing4business Ltd has over 15 years experience in workplace health, delivering occupational health audits and designing/implementing some of the largest and most successful occupational health and wellbeing programmes in the UK and Ireland.


The team challenge has lead to a healthier workplace. A bit of competition helped build on relationships throughout the office. What a great experience! We all had a laugh but at the same time, it made us think about what we were eating, drinking and how we could build exercise and relaxation into our day. We spurred each other on and enjoyed the challenge… it only lasted 4 weeks but we made some permanent changes to our lifestyle.

Carol Mills, HR Director Liverpool University

The response was tremendous with 50 stones lost on our recent weight loss challenge.

The league tables really helped to keep us all focused. A competitive nature emerged in all of us!

We were amazed at how much commitment the challenge encouraged so much so that our weight
loss journey continues… NHS staff gym

The challenge has helped me to add more exercise into my daily life. Before the challenge I struggled to exercise on a regular basis, the challenge gave me the information I needed to make scheduling exercise into busy days easy. A colleague set up staff fitness on a Thursday after school which remains popular with staff, I know I am not alone in feeling this way. Employee, Bishop Rawstorne Academy

Additional services

Increase health engagement, add a personal touch or provide mental health support.

Health & lifestyle checks

Know your numbers sessions help staff to identify their personal health risks and lifestyle strengths/weakness’s. All sessions provide individuals with a personal health and lifestyle report.

Organisational Wellbeing Survey

Take a snapshot of your organisations current wellbeing. Knowing key health risks and lifestyle behaviour helps plan programmes and review change.

MHFA - Mental Health First aid

Two day adult course available. Educating people about mental health helps to open up conversations, breaks down stigma and encourages mental health resilience.

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