Wellbeing challenges – introduction

We have successfully delivered wellbeing challenges to organisations such as Unilever, RCN, NWG, Hospital trusts, Colleges, Councils,  M&S, Unilever, MBDA, National Grid and have a totally flexible approach..

  • We provide a health tracking app connected to online health coaches.
  • We also provide a manual data entry model if required
  • Participants can enter as a team or individual
  • We offer employers a choice of eight standard topics
  • Employers can choose their start date and duration
  • Employers can either place people on our scheduled events or design a bespoke calendar of challenges

see www.pound4lb.com for an example of our bespoke challenges

Our challenges brochure 

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2017 effectiveness review

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Programme flexibility


Choose your topic

Decide on your start date

Run multiple challenges

Recruit teams, individuals or both


Use the portal and track data manually

Use the app and track data digitally


Provide group support

Provide personal coaching


Provide branded challenges

Provide a bespoke website