Wellbeing challenges for the workplace


Wellbeing challenges include: step, activity, walking, cycling, hydration, healthy eating, weight loss, resilience and many more.

Think of a challenge and we will help you to deliver it!

Why not run a group and personal challenge programme simultaneously to maximise uptake?

Something For Everyone!

Personal challenges

Personal challenges offer everyone the opportunity to improve one area of their wellbeing. They simply pledge an area to work on and track it on the app

Company challenges

Company challenges build morale and teamwork and offer everyone the opportunity to join a set challenge e.g 10,000 steps a day.

Track anything you want!

Enter data 

Input daily health and wellbeing habits. Options include: Hydration, Nutrition, Activity, Sleep, Indulgences, Weight, Health metrics e.g. blood pressure and Supplements. These topics can be split further into many subcategories – for example the category of “activity” can be split into sub categories such as “bike” or “run”  and many more.

Synchronise data

Synchronise with Apple Health,wearable technology such as Fitbit and Garmin and over 100 more. Running and cycling applications such as Strava, Runkeeper and Daily Mile and many more ! Data is automatically uploaded from your wearable technology and fitness / health applications.